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"I was at a point in my life where everything was in place, except with my rocky relationship with food. That’s until I had reached out to Teju Lakkundi this spring to help me work on my nutrition and weight loss goals. I was coming in with a mindset of certain foods being labeled as “bad” or “don’t eat that or you’ll gain weight”. I have been vegan for the past 3 years and though I have lost weight, I have been interested in enhancing my nutrition and fueling my body for workouts. With the help of Teju, I was able to not only understand the food I eat but also how my body reacts with this food. Teju didn’t restrict my foods, rather she taught me how to properly read a food label and stressed I watch my portions. Since I’m vegan and wanted to have an athletic build, she recommended that I increase my intake of beans--something I would have never thought of! She also made me realize that whole food are a great pre-workout instead of the powdered pre-workout mixes. With the help of this missing link (with my nutrition goals), I am able to feel comfortable and am on the road to a healthier lifestyle!

’m quite happy with the results I have been seeing. I was at a plateau for months, until Teju guided me! I am so grateful for her knowledge and support. She is very compassionate and dedicated to her clients. I am so pleased to be able to say that I have worked with her."


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