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Welcome to Nutrition For You! The one stop for all your diabetes nutrition needs.

Nutrition Solutions for a Healthier You

Teju Lakkundi

​I am Teju Lakkundi, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN), Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Founder and owner, Nutrition For You. I completed my Masters from Illinois State University and Dietetic Internship from University of Central Arkansas.​


I have been a practicing dietitian since 2014 and worked with several different organizations in the public and private sector. I have worked in the clinical setting and helped hundreds to achieve better health through optimal nutrition. 

As a RDN, my goal is to reach out to the community and spread awareness about mindful eating and following a healthy lifestyle. In the past, I have provided private customized nutrition counseling to individuals, groups and corporate clients from different ethnic backgrounds and across the lifespan. 

Creating well researched, evidence based, excellent presentations is one of my specialties and I am available to speak to small and large groups for all your nutrition needs.

If you are looking to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for personal, group or your employees' wellness, contact me.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Care &

Education Specialist

A will, a way. 

No will, no way!

- Teju
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  • email-1818372-1541480
  • Facebook
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  • email-1818372-1541480

Is nutrition counseling for you?


You’re parents or siblings are overweight or obese and there is a family history of diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, cancer?


You do not want to be diagnosed with any of the above?


You are overweight or obese and are not sure what your blood glucose levels are?


You have high cholesterol or prediabetes and your doctor wants you to lose weight and get healthy NOW!


You need to make a change to your eating habits but don’t know how or where to start?


You need a plan that works with your lifestyle, your food choices that you can follow in the long run?


You are eating good but not sure how to eat better to improve your health and lose weight.


You don’t want to pay for managing diabetes and other chronic diseases in the future.


You need accountability and someone to check on you to make sure you are on the right track?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, then you are in the right place to receive customized nutrition recommendations that will help you reach your weight, health and wellness goals.

How it all works?




Book your $0.99, 15-min phone consult where you can tell me a little about yourself, I would like to learn about your health and wellness goals and explore how I can help you.



I offer nutrition services and plans to meet you where you are in your health journey.


I am in-network with BCBS, Cigna, UHC, Medicare and also offer self-pay options. Ask me about a superbill that you can claim with your insurance company.

Aetna and Humana are coming soon!



After we have worked together and you feel healthier and are in better control of your health, we can continue to keep in touch regularly as per your individual needs. This plan can help you keep up your achievements and continue to maintain your health in the long run.



I make it a priority to be available to you. I use a HIPPAA compliant system called Healthie that has a FREE chat feature! You can text me your questions in-between our sessions. You do not have to wait for your next appointment to get immediate feedback on your meals or that burning question you need an answer to right away!

Why You Should Choose Me?


Today, the internet makes it easy to find information about how to lose weight or lower blood sugar, or improve your cholesterol but this information may not be accurate. It can get overwhelming and confusing when you try to decide what is best for you while reading conflicting information on different websites and social media.  I will take that stress off your shoulders by providing evidence-based, practical nutrition solutions and recommendations. My plans are always individualized to fit your culture and lifestyle.  I will help you to take the best care of yourself with the best Nutrition For You!


With my background, education and experiences, you are in the right hands to help you jump start and MAINTAIN your health and wellness goals!  Below are the top reasons for working with me:




All your appointments can be in-person or virtual.


  You get to decide the time and date that works best for you.  I’m available mornings, evenings on most days so you do not have to take time off work or any other important event!



We know how to best take care of our health but actually doing the right thing is hard!  So, with the help of FREE text/chat support I am available and hold you accountable while supporting you to reach your goals.


Nutrition For You

Everybody has favorite foods and some foods they dislike, so a “one size fits all approach” does not work with nutrition needs.  I specialize in providing nutrition recommendations based on YOUR food preferences, your likes and dislikes that will align with your wellness journey.


Virtual Video Sessions

I use a HIPPAA compliant program called ‘Healthie’ that will allow you to connect with me anywhere even while on vacation (if you want to!) or when you are on a business trip. The FREE chat feature means, you can connect with me anywhere you go!


resources and ideas

 Need help with grocery shopping tips, how to read food labels, healthy dinner ideas or how to meal prep for the week? I understand and will provide you resources and ideas that work with your busy schedule.



In network with:






Humana Medicare

Coming soon:


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